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Here comes the hotstepper - I want to drag this on for as long as I can.....
March 5th, 2004
03:00 am


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Here comes the hotstepper
I love off days. Today I didnt do much of anything. I spent $100 + dollars today, on nothing much at all. I picked up Jose and we hung out all day. I sent got and sent out a money order for a bumper insert for rmy car I won on eBay. I got "The Cure - Greatest Hits", the one with the bonus acoustic hits CD with it. I paid for my overdue Kaufmanns bill and got new undershirts. Everyone else was at some poker shindig.....so Jose and I went to the bar. We had a great time. I did "Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself", "AFI - Girls Not Grey", "Smashing Pumpkins - Zero", and "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop". Good times. I have off the next few days also......and I think Jose and I are hanging out again tomorrow.

I am just putting this out in the open, because this is my journal, and I cant talk about what I want and who I want. I shouldnt have to censor myself. If I dont like somebody, for any reason, I will voice my opinion (although it may or may not be liked). I am my own person...and no one will hold me back. It isnt like all I do is talk shit about someone, but if it comes up...of course Ill put my 2 cents in.

Jose and I talked about how the whole group of friends we had a year ago.....is no longer together. Jose, Jeff, Dion, Zac, Sueanne, and others included hung out all the time last year....and it fell apart. Lately it seems as if Jose and I are loners, and we are sticking together. Some of it may be our own faults, but.....it just isnt the same. I miss the days of Halo at Zac and Sueannes. Maybe one of these days it can happen again.

I need to go get my repairs on my car done....Im procrastinationg big time.

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Date:March 5th, 2004 09:38 am (UTC)
I noticed it too. I think its a bunch of reasons combined. Whenever we hung out it was either at Zach's or Dion's. Well Dion works all the time, and then their was the uncomfortableness or me and SueAnn and the whole EB thing. Then it seems for a while it was always either impossible to get a hold of Jose or Dion or both. So from a practical standpoint I thinkn thats why alot of us haven't hung out much together. But everyone you mentioned in that group I still consider to be some of my best friend's so if everyone keeps in touch and whenever Halo 2 comes out, I think everything will be on track again.
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