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come over here darkness - I want to drag this on for as long as I can.....
March 4th, 2004
01:06 pm


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come over here darkness
So, I wake up and call Jeremy at work, because he tried to call me yesterday when I was taking my nap. Apparently, payroll is fucking shot. He is working 2 open-closes himself. I have sick days left....so I only have to work 3 hours in between now and Saturday to reach my 40. Plus, I have Sunday and Monday off. So, I have a small vacation on my hands.

Im fucking hungry. I will probably take a shower soon and head up to my Parmatown, one and only part of town, my hometown, Parmatown.

I finally changed my voicemail. So long "Who wants a body massage!?". My new one is good.....the best part of the movie "The Animal".

Current Mood: dirtydirty
Current Music: Billy Idol - Cradle of Love

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Date:March 4th, 2004 11:11 pm (UTC)
rob shnider is the shit
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