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I want to drag this on for as long as I can..... Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Steve" journal:

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March 5th, 2004
11:58 pm


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11:41 pm


Wham Bam Thank You Mam
What a waste of a day, on such a good ass day. I didnt do much at all. I shouldve washed my car, but no. I went up to the mall, bought Steve n I lunch, bought some shit for my mom, then went home. I was supposed to hang out with Jose.....but he called after I already got home. I tried calling like 6 times, and each time I got a busy signal. I guess someone was pranking their house, and his mom took the phone off the hook.

I have a couple things I COULD be doing right now....but I am at home. Chris called, and him and some friends are going to the Mad Cactus and drink a few beers. Gary was supposed to call about some house party, but has not yet. Jose is chilling at Dions place now. Instead I just played 2 more games of ESPN Football, and Im only 1 game away from the playoffs which I already clinched. Im 14-1, and most of my starters (offensive and defensive) are going to the Pro Bowl. Im the greatest ever.

I work for less than 2 hours tomorrow at noon. I know the ABA wants to go to strip clubs in the evening, which I will decline. The bar is always a possibility. I got shit to do during the day.

Just a thought....recently my other friend Chris who lives near me has called a few times. He always calls at the most inopportune times. I tell him when the best times are to call, when I should be available, and I never get a call. It is always after I take my sleeping pills or something. Oh well.

Maybe I should watch Fellowship of the Ring.....Im bored.

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03:51 am


Wrap it up!
This girl Rachel who I was seeing in late spring/early summer last year messaged me on RMF in January. I responded, appologizing for my stupidity about everything that happened. I have checked RMF everyday since....just to see if she responded. Why do I care so much??? Im a fuckin lame ass.

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03:00 am


Here comes the hotstepper
I love off days. Today I didnt do much of anything. I spent $100 + dollars today, on nothing much at all. I picked up Jose and we hung out all day. I sent got and sent out a money order for a bumper insert for rmy car I won on eBay. I got "The Cure - Greatest Hits", the one with the bonus acoustic hits CD with it. I paid for my overdue Kaufmanns bill and got new undershirts. Everyone else was at some poker shindig.....so Jose and I went to the bar. We had a great time. I did "Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself", "AFI - Girls Not Grey", "Smashing Pumpkins - Zero", and "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop". Good times. I have off the next few days also......and I think Jose and I are hanging out again tomorrow.

the truthCollapse )

Jose and I talked about how the whole group of friends we had a year ago.....is no longer together. Jose, Jeff, Dion, Zac, Sueanne, and others included hung out all the time last year....and it fell apart. Lately it seems as if Jose and I are loners, and we are sticking together. Some of it may be our own faults, but.....it just isnt the same. I miss the days of Halo at Zac and Sueannes. Maybe one of these days it can happen again.

I need to go get my repairs on my car done....Im procrastinationg big time.

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March 4th, 2004
01:06 pm


come over here darkness
So, I wake up and call Jeremy at work, because he tried to call me yesterday when I was taking my nap. Apparently, payroll is fucking shot. He is working 2 open-closes himself. I have sick days left....so I only have to work 3 hours in between now and Saturday to reach my 40. Plus, I have Sunday and Monday off. So, I have a small vacation on my hands.

Im fucking hungry. I will probably take a shower soon and head up to my Parmatown, one and only part of town, my hometown, Parmatown.

I finally changed my voicemail. So long "Who wants a body massage!?". My new one is good.....the best part of the movie "The Animal".

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12:42 am


Just a thought Id like to share
I just watched Yellowcard perform on Leno. It wasnt by choice. I was waiting to put food in the oven and my mom had it on.

"Yea guys, we are missing something in the band.....lets get a violinist with a mohawk. That'd be sweet!" - Lead Singer of Yellowcard

They are god awful. I do not know how they even have a fan base. I didnt care for them at last years Warped Tour, and I wouldnt like to se them this year. Fuck em.

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March 3rd, 2004
09:25 pm


Who wants a body massage? I do!
Last night, I only got not even 2 hours of sleep. I had to open at work. Afetr I settled in bed, I got calls from Megan and Angela.....both at different times, and ruining my sleep. Today at work, I was a zombie. I got all my jobs done, but I sat down a lot. The bank 2 doors down got robbed. Detectives came in and asked me questions......then FBI agents. Jeremy heard later that 3 additional banks in the area got hit too. It's a bad day to work at a Strongsville bank. Anyways, I was so tired that Jeremy let me go early. So, I went to Tops, and picked up my very own bottle of smoked chipolte Tabasco sauce, the kind they have at Chipolte. I tehn went to Chipolte to pick up a burrito to take home. A little warning.....thr Strongsville Chiplote fuckin short you on everything. The burrito was significantly smaller than any I ever got in Parma. Bastards!!! I do have to say that I think everyone who was working was latino though....unline Parma. The girl who rang me out was really cute. Ha!

I just woke up from my 4 hour nap. I got calls within it and didnt answer them this time....Angela again. Dammit!!!! Im off work tomorrow....so I can relax. Since payroll is so bad, Jeremy might let me take a sick day on Saturday...which will be sweet.

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04:50 pm


Hey little doggy always lookin for a bigger bone
First best friend: Matt Aleksa
First car: that I owned a teal 92 Ford Tempo
First real kiss: I forgot her name.....some chick from Garfield Hts.....haha, slut
First break-up: Rebecca Michaels....in 9th grade
First screen name: "DX Kidrock" on my friend Ryan's account.
First self purchased album: Nirvana - In Utero
First funeral: Grandpa Yoe
First remembered funeral - Grandpa Yoe
First Pets: Sampson and Max...both siamese cats
First piercing/tattoo: first piercing....my ears
First credit card: Capital One VISA
First true love: Never experienced it....but I deeply cared about TJ and Dana
First enemy: Brian Sabin
First big trip: Myrtle Beach like 11 years ago
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Joan Jett or Def Lepperd....my dad has the vinyls still

* spell your first name backwards: EvetS
* the story behind your lj user name: Back when I was a juggalo and made this name.....it was the first part to my old AOL SN after the ICP albums Bizzar Bizaar
* are you a gay?: Nope sir, I dont like it
* where do you live?: Ohio
* describe yourself in four words: Short, clean, nice, boring

describe your...
* wallet: black: Blue velcro DC
* hairbrush: ummmmm....I have one but dont use it
* jewelry worn daily: 2 of the 3: AFI, Jackass, or Meatwad wristbands......and my pewter interlocked necklace...and my jewelry for my piercings.
* pillow cover: tan with colored diamonds
* blanket: A green blanket, and a Carolina Panthers fleece I got years ago
* coffee cup: fuck coffee
* sunglasses: cheap 10 dollar ones..I think the only ones there that fit my head
* underwear: Old Navy boxers.....I pick out ridiculous things on them, like boxing squirrels or rubber chickens
* boots: ummm...no
* handbag: do I look like a metrosexual??
* favorite shirt: right now I like the 7up work shirt I got from Wayne and Shane
* cologne/perfume: I wear a lot of Axe body spray....but I also have Cool Water
* cd in stereo right now: car: Deftones Live that Steve burned me home: Pink Floyd - The Wall disc 2
* what you are wearing now: black dickies and my black Hives shirt that says "THE HIVES ARE LAW YOU ARE CRIME"
* hair: I got a haircut...so shorter than normal
* makeup: umm....when I used to get bad pimples...I used my sister base colored shit to cover it up, haha
* in my mouth: my tongue ring
* in my head: nothing...im tired
* wishing: I actually enjoyed living more
* talking to: your mom
* eating: just finished eating Chipolte
* fetishes: piercings??? I dunno....ear kissing..haha
* what's next to you: my scanner and GBA SP
* some of your favorite movies: Snatch, Freddy got Fingered, Star Wars original trilogy, LOTR trilogy (EDIT: Dumb and Dumber, The Butterfly Effect)
* something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month: it was nothing until yesterday....the new Clutch CD
* something that you are deathly afraid of: ummmm....midgets?
* do you like candles? ok, I like incese better
* do you like hot wax?: on your moms ass
* do you like incense?: read 2 above
* do you like the taste of blood?: I dont hate it
* do you believe in love?: Yes, but not for me....seems impossible
* do you believe in soul mates?: possibly
* do you believe in love at first sight?: yes
* who is your worst enemy? syphilis
* if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?: wolf or a hippo
* what are five cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? Myrtle Beach, Seattle, San Deigo, Orlando, and any city in Oregon
* what are some of your favorite pig out foods?: tater tots, KC masterpiece Lays chips, flamin hot cheetos,
* what's something you wish you could understand better? how midgets masturbate
*What are my best traits: decent sense of humor, caring of others, ummm..

*things to work on: stop being lazy, my confidence (I have very little),
*dream jobs: porn star, crocodile hunter, actor

I damn tired....so I will update later.

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03:31 am


Fuck your couch nigga
First off...Words of advice from Jose: It ain't no fun if the homies can't get none.
Live life to the fullest.

Work today kinda sucked. I had many tasks again. I felt like I accomplished something though. As much as I heard about the store Im at right now, I really dont mind it. Jeremy lets me keep my lip ring in. Dave isnt as bad as the first impression I got. We got along great today.

After work, I went over Jose's. We went to the mall, got some food, and Jose got his film developed. I ended up bleaching his hair also afterwards.

80's night! I havent been there for weeks (well at least for the majority of the time). Jose and I went there. Of course I got pretty loaded. The first to show up was Megan and Angela. They were both trashed. I was all complaining about Megan coming, but I really didnt mind much that she was there. Angela was all over me though, sayin she liked me a lot and couldnt wait for later in the night. Dave(jimithingr), James (trigger_60), Chris (sadfoolkisser), and Ron showed up later. Steve and Julie came around 1ish. I was on the stage dancin.....and Angela was all over me.....makin out, grabbin my junk. I left the stage...and I found out she made out with Chris and Ron too. Then Angela disappeared....no one could find her. Jose and I left earlier than everyone else. I bought Dave's Metroid : Zero Mission, and I got it as I was leaving. I called Steve, and even after the place shut down.....Angela was no where to be found. I left a voicemail and texted her phone, and left a voicemail on Megan's. My 2 presumptions are: #1 she went off with some random dude and fucked....or #2 she got busted for underage drinking. I guess I will find out tomorrow......it really isnt my problem.

I open tomorrow.....

So, Eric sent me the pic he took on his phone while I was visiting. It is a pic of me on a crucifix. So, I set is as my phone background, and set the banner as "Passion of Steve". HAHA, I like it. Some people seemed to enjoy it, some people seemed distubed. I wont be going to hell for that. So.....fuck your couch!

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Current Music: HIM - Join Me In Death

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February 29th, 2004
02:18 pm


Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson's new video....which song reached #1 on the charts last week, is ridiculous. She has a gigantic plate of chicken wings....that not even Jeff (lookdownhere, the best wing eater I know) can eat. Plus she is eating them so gently but has 2 cute lil smudges of sauce on her face. Then she smiles and blinds me with her bleached pearly whites......without anything on them. Her shirt that said "Stinky ass" or something.......dumb.

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Current Music: The Strokes - New York City Cops

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